Meloney M. Miller
Meloney Michelle Miller is known as, “The Woman in the Back of Success.” She has dedicated her life to sharpening the blades of her clients and the community she serves. Meloney is a native of Kannapolis, NC who resides in Raleigh, NC.
She a proud alumna of North Carolina Central University and Mount Olive College in Durham, NC with a concentration in Business Management and Organizational Development. Meloney is also a proud alumna of the elite City of Raleigh Neighborhood College and Raleigh Citizens Leadership Academy. She has invested in additional training and education to include Certified Coach and Certified Group Leader for over 12 years, as well as extensive training and certificates in areas of interpersonal relationships and mentoring.
Meloney has over 10 years of business experience in corporate America in roles as Executive Management, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Corporate Spokesperson, and Change Agent before transitioning to CEO for the last 13 years. She has trained thousands of individuals regularly. She has also managed a $25M budget, negotiated $100M business crisis resolution, and also produced millions in revenue for her clients.
As the CEO of M-Cubed & Co. Global LLC, she has been blessed to sharpen leaders across vast areas of expertise from public figures, government agencies to corporate CEOs. She is a highly sought after Master Brand Strategist, Brand Architect, Business & Brand Fixer, Coach, and Consultant. As a business owner, she has had significant accomplishments such as being a regular Subject Matter Expert seen on WRAL an NBC affiliate (previous CBS affiliate) for over seven years. She has lead clients in healthcare to create and directed programs for medical billing, coding, and electronic records certifications. She has also conducted business realignment and branding for health care clients. She has generated millions of dollars in revenue and savings for employers and corporate clients. She has helped creative talent grow international brands that are known to fans from The White House to Europe and beyond. She is delighted to work with a diverse clientele from all socioeconomic groups. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she led an initiative for a large municipality to lead, guide, and help small businesses pivot during this crisis.
Meloney has also partnered with many local municipalities and state government agencies for years to consult, coach, and train business leaders, unemployed professionals, and incarcerated individuals on substantial success. Brought in to help organizations develop and align strategic planning and execution for ultimate results, Meloney is known amongst her clients and peers for a thick-skinned approach to change management. Recognized for strong values, a commitment to service, quality, and for creating order out of chaos in turnaround situations and start-up initiatives, she has become a recognized name in the world-renowned Research Triangle Park (“RTP”), one of the world’s largest research parks. In 2016 Meloney was recognized in Who’s Who in Black Raleigh-Durham.
For numerous years she has been a church consultant and ethical crisis management expert. For numerous years she served her local church in many capacities to include Elder, board member, and church consultant. Meloney is rooted in her relationship with Christ, which allows her to blend spiritual and business conversations with individuals from various backgrounds. She sees her approach to faith as a bridge and not a wall. Collectively, these experiences have made Meloney a crucial and critical conversation speaker, strategist, creative director, brand manager, business consultant, and coach. Meloney believes every day is a learning and teaching opportunity for individuals and organizations alike. Sometimes you have to shake up the norm to create new influence, wealth, and wisdom.