Jen is a board certified sports dietitian, veteran practitioner, and consultant of the collegiate and professional sports nutrition, university health service, food and beverage industries.
She is a founding principal of Performance 365, a sports nutrition consulting group working with athletes, team organizations, universities and aligned industry partners. She teaches sports nutrition at Benedictine University and regularly lectures on sports nutrition, foodservice operations, and clinical nutrition topics for a variety of classrooms and professionals.
Jen was the founding director of the sports nutrition departments at the University’s of Georgia and North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she established full time, integrated nutrition service lines into the sports medicine and athletic departments. In this role she provided nutrition support to a variety of teams and student-athletes, oversaw athletic food service operations, and developed benchmark staffing models as well as operating infrastructure. She began her career at the University of Connecticut coordinating nutrition and wellness services for campus and assisting with athletic care.
Jen received her undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences from Cornell University and her master’s degree from the University of Kentucky with an emphasis in sports nutrition and wellness. A multisport athlete growing up, Jen played basketball while at Cornell and has coached women’s basketball at the high school and AAU levels. Her kitchen has now become a fueling station for her daughter and she’s temporarily traded her golf swing for a baby swing!