Ezron Bryson

Ezron Bryson
Ezron's passion for Athletic Training started at Hofstra University where he spent a significant amount of time working and studying in the discipline.
There he was giving an amazing opportunity to intern with the New York Jets while he was an undergraduate student. After earning a Baccalaureate Degree in Athletic Training from Hofstra University, Ezron entered the field on the graduate level to continue to explore his passions and delve deeper into the discipline. Ezron attended the University of Michigan to pursue his Master’s Degree in Sport Management while serving as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Michigan Wolverine’s Football Team for 2 years.
After earning his Master’s Degree is Sport Management, Ezron entered the professional field and began working as The Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at Manhattan College from 2012 to 2015 working primarily with the Men’s Basketball team and directly overseeing Baseball and Women’s Volleyball. He went on to work as the Assistant Athletic Trainer with the University of Georgia where he was primarily responsible for the care of the Men’s Basketball Team. Amongst his many responsibilities, Ezron enjoyed mentoring younger staff members and Graduate Assistants. He encouraged them to follow these 3 philosophies: Be present, work hard, and cultivate meaningful relationships.
Today, Ezron resides in New Jersey with his family and works as the Assistant Athletic Trainer for The New York Jets since 2016. He has served on the NFL Covid-19 Task Force Subcommittee on Isolation & Risk Mitigation and currently serves on the PFATS Diversity Committee. He also serves on the board of Building Young Moguls non-profit organization where the mission is to teach entrepreneurship in marginalized communities.